Random notes mostly on Machine Learning

Memoization Using C++11

Recently I’ve read an article Efficient Memoization using Partial Function Application. Author explains function memoization using partial application. When I was reading the article, I thought “Hmmm, can I come up with a more general solution?” And as suggested in comments, one can use variadic templates to achieve it. So here is my version.

Resizing Policy of std::vector

Sometime ago when Facebook opensourced their Folly library I was reading their docs and found something interesting. In section “Memory Handling” they state
In fact it can be mathematically proven that a growth factor of 2 is rigorously the worst possible because it never allows the vector to reuse any of its previously-allocated memory

I haven’t got it first time. Recently I recalled that article and decided to deal with it. So after reading and googling for a while I finally understood the idea, so I’d like to say a few words about it.